Welcome to South Burlington Stormwater Services

Protecting Lake Champlain by protecting the water ways the feed it.
The City of South Burlington is working to reduce the negative impacts of stormwater runoff and improve water quality in local streams and Lake Champlain.

Welcome! We are Vermont’s first stormwater utility. We complete the ongoing maintenance work necessary to keep the City’s stormwater drainage and treatment system working properly. The Utility also provides technical support for property owners and constructs stormwater capital improvement projects.

The Utility manages stormwater in a cost-effective way for all city property owners. Please explore the rest of our site to learn more about the Utility, its benefits, and how stormwater affects South Burlington.


BURLINGTON COUNTRY CLUB STORMWATER PROJECT: Construction of a stormwater gravel wetland on Burlington Country Club property has stopped construction for a winter shutdown. The contractor will be back next year to finish installing the fence and landscaping.  Click here for the project page

LINDENWOOD DRIVE STORMWATER PROJECT:  Construction of the stormwater system on Lindenwood Drive has stopped for a winter shutdown. The contractor will be back next year to finish installing the storm drain system along Lindenwood Drive.  Click here for the project page.

What’s New:

VT State Stormwater Permits within South Burlington. This story map shows current State issued Operational Stormwater Permits (3-9010, 3-9015 and INDS permits), as well as sites identified as “Three-Acre” sites by the Agency of Natural Resources and an updated list of properties that receive valid permit coverage under the City of South Burlington’s MS4 Permit.

Last Updated 11/28/22

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