Village at Dorset Park Stormwater Pond Improvements

Village at Dorset Park


A system of three ponds located in the Village at Dorset Park neighborhood do not currently meet stormwater treatment standards established by the State of Vermont. Stormwater that is not properly treated can carry pollutants like sediment, oil, grease, and bacteria to streams.

Existing Pond Outlet Structure
Pond Outlet Structure


In 2013, residents in the Village at Dorset Park neighborhood worked with an engineer and the South Burlington Stormwater Utility to design upgrades the existing stormwater detention ponds. The ponds were redesigned so that they will provide treatment and detention of stormwater runoff.


The project will reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients flowing to Potash Brook. In addition, the stormwater runoff is detained and slowly released to prevent erosion of streambanks and reduce the risk of downstream flooding.

Best Management Practices

Stormwater Detention Ponds and Hydrodynamic Swirl Separators


Construction was completed in 2017.

 Total Project Value


Funding Sources

Ecosystem Restoration Program, Stormwater Utility Fund.

Last Updated: 10/29/2018