System Inspection


Throughout South Burlington


Harsh winters, traffic load, and normal operation are constantly degrading the city’s stormwater system. When parts of the system fail, flooding and pollution can result.

Water pipe clogged with roots
Water pipe clogged with roots



Crushed pipes, crumbling catch basins and other failures must be caught early in order to avoid serious consequences. Stormwater detention ponds are inspected for deposits of sediment that impair proper flow. Stormwater pipes are inspected using a special waterproof camera with a highpowered zoom. These pipes are too small and dangerous for people to enter. If pollution is suspected, water and sediment samples are taken to a lab for analysis. The condition of South Burlington’s stormwater system is stored in a GIS database at the offices on Landfill Road.

Specialized camera
The city uses a specialized camera to assess the condition of a stormwater pipe. This information is used in capital planning for stormwater projects. The camera is also used to find and eliminate illicit discharges (e.g. sewer discharges) that are flowing to the stormwater drainage system.
Worker collecting stormwater
South Burlington Stormwater worker collecting stormwater


A well functioning stormwater system keeps our waterways clean and minimizes flooding from heavy rain.

Best Management Practices

System Maintenance


The Stormwater Utility is constantly inspecting the system for potential problems.

Funding Sources

Stormwater Utility Fund

Last Updated: 2/2010