Street Sweeping


Street sweeper
Street sweeper

The City of South Burlington sweeps all curbed streets in the City at least twice a year (spring and fall).  Sweeping zones are evaluated and updated on an annual basis (sweeping zone map).


Sediment, debris, and trash collects on streets. Rain washes this debris into the storm drains which flow to our streams and Lake Champlain. Larger debris and accumulated leaves can clog storm drains and pipes causing flooding.


The City owns two street sweepers that use brooms and vacuum power to remove debris from streets. Brooms sweep up debris that is then vacuumed into a large tank. Street sweepers use only a small amount of water to control dust.


Street sweeping cleans streets and prevents sediment and debris from making its way into our streams and Lake Champlain. If not removed, this material has a negative effect on the health of our water resources.  The City measures the amount of material removed from streets each year (see graph below).

Storm Drain and Sweeping Material Collected by Year

Best Management Practices

System Maintenance


The City of South Burlington sweeps all its streets at least twice per year. Busier streets are swept more frequently.

Funding Sources

Stormwater Utility Fund

Last Updated: 10/2013