Stormwater Pond Sampling

Project Description

In 2010, the City of South Burlington began a pond monitoring program. In addition to normal maintenance work and inspections, City staff will collect samples of water flowing into and out of City owned stormwater treatment ponds. These samples will be sent to the lab to analyze how effective the ponds are at removing sediment, nutrients, and pathogens from stormwater runoff.

sampling equipment
Autosampler, battery, rain gauge and solar panel set up to monitor outflow at the Bartlett Bay stormwater treatment wetland.


Collection of this data confirms the proper function of the ponds and gives City staff accurate data related to pond performance.

Autosampler set up at the Bartlett Bay stormwater treatment wetland inlet

Best Management Practices

Pond monitoring, inspection, and maintenance of stormwater treatment practices.


Started in 2010

Funding Sources

SAFETEA grant, Stormwater Utility Fund.

Last Updated: 2/2010