Storm Drain Cleaning


Throughout South Burlington


Storm drains remove water from roadways to prevent flooding. They also prevent pollution from reaching the waterways by collecting some of the sediment and debris that washes off the road. When the drain’s basin fills with sediment, any new pollutants entering the catch basin will continue through the stormwater system and into waterways. Debris may also clog catch basin covers and prevent water from entering the drainage system.

Storm drain
A storm drain in South Burlington


City workers clean sediment and debris from the inside of storm drains with a large vacuum truck.  The collected sediment is tested for pollution and hazardous materials before being used as construction fill.



A clean storm drain will more effectively collect stormwater and remove sediment. This minimizes pollution and flooding.

Best Management Practices

System Maintenance


The City is continuously working to keep all public storm drains clean.

Funding Sources

Stormwater Utility

Last Updated: 11/2009