Sanitary Connection


During routine road repair, City staff detected a septic odor emanating from a storm drain.  Further investigation uncovered that a sanitary sewer pipe had been accidentally connected to the stormwater drainage pipes.  Unlike sanitary wastewater, which goes to the wastewater treatment plant and is treated prior to discharge, stormwater pipes drain directly to the waterways (i.e. streams, wetlands, and the lake).  This discharge had been occurring from 1994 until it was fixed in 2006!

Outfall pipe
Outfall pipe where sanitary connection was discharging



Immediately upon discovery the homeowners were notified of the problem. The pipes were dug up and re-connected to the correct pipe system. Investigation of nearby outfall pipes was undertaken to ensure that no other illicit connections had been made in the area.

New sanitary pipe
New sanitary pipe was connected to the sewer and and existing foundation drain left in place


Proper connection of the pipes will ensure that the sanitary wastewater will be sent to the wastewater treatment plant prior to discharge to surface waters.  Subsequent monitoring has shown reduced pollution at this outfall. In addition, plumbing problems previously reported by the homeowner were resolved during the work.



Total Project Value


Last Updated: 11/2009