Patchen Road Outfall and Culvert Repair


Eroding stormwater outfall pipe and damaged culvert
Damaged culvert pipe and eroded stormwater outfall under Patchen Road before the project.

A stormwater outfall was causing bank erosion that threatened to destabilize Patchen Road. In addition, this erosion had undermined a 60′ culvert that carries Centennial Brook underneath Patchen Road.


After project completion
Repaired stormwater outfall and culvert immediately after project completion.

A concrete stormwater riser structure was installed so that stormwater runoff from Patchen Road could get down the steep bank without causing erosion. A stone splash pad was installed at the end of the new outlet pipe. Once the outfall and slope were stabilized, the 60′ culvert was repaired.


The repair of this outfall and culvert ensured the stability of the slope adjacent to Patchen Road. Further failure of this slope would have caused damage to the road and associated infrastructure. In addition, by stabilizing the eroding bank the flow of sediment to Centennial Brook has been reduced.

Best Management Practices

Stormwater Infrastructure Repair and Maintenance



Total Project Value


Funding Sources

Town Highway Structures Grant Program, Stormwater Utility Funds

Last Updated: 2/2010