Oak Creek Village Micropool


Stormwater runoff can carry pollutants like sediment, oil, grease, and bacteria to streams. Stormwater runoff from portions of Fox Run Lane and Oak Creek Drive were discharging without treatment and detention to Potash Brook.


The discharge point for the collected stormwater runoff was on a City owned lot in the neighborhood. City staff worked with nearby property owners to construct the Oak Creek Village Extended Detention Micropool.

Detention micropool during construction
Extended detention micropool during construction. Permanent pool and outlet structure and visible in foreground. Stone-lined pilot channel visible in background.
Pond berm
View of pond berm shortly after construction.


The project will reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients flowing to Potash Brook. In addition, the stormwater runoff is detained and slowly released to prevent erosion of streambanks and reduce the risk of downstream flooding.

Best Management Practices

Stormwater detention pond


Constructed in 2009

Total Project Value


Funding Sources

SAFETEA grant funding, Stormwater Utility Fund.

Last Updated: 3/2011