Hayes Avenue Stormwater Improvement Project

Hayes Avenue stormwater pond after reconstruction

Project Description

The Hayes Avenue stormwater improvement project provides treatment of stormwater runoff and addresses stormwater permit issues for 7 homeowner associations along Hayes Avenue. When the Cardinal Woods Condos (clusters 1 through 4), Foxcroft Condos, Kinsington Court Condos, and Foxcroft Single Family Homes were originally constructed the developer obtained a single State stormwater permit for the entire project. When the project was undertaken the State permit had expired and the originally installed stormwater infrastructure did not meet contemporary standards for stormwater treatment. Stormwater runoff was flowing untreated to Potash Brook.

Overgrown stormwater detention pond
The existing detention pond was overgrown and did not treat stormwater runoff to current standards. It was replaced with an improved stormwater treatment pond.

Working with the City of South Burlington the 7 homeowner associations upgraded the existing stormwater conveyance and treatment infrastructure. The original stormwater system was only designed to provide downstream flood protection. Stormwater runoff generated from the area surrounding Hayes Avenue is now directed to a new stormwater treatment pond or treatment swales. The pond and swales remove sediment and other pollutants prior to discharging to Potash Brook. In addition, the pond detains excess volumes of stormwater runoff and slowly releases this water to the brook. This prevents erosion of streambanks reduces the risk of downstream flooding.

Best Management Practices

Stormwater Detention Pond, pipe replacement, stormwater treatment swales.

Project Timeline

Engineering work began in 2006. Construction began in the Spring 2013 and was finished in September 2013.

Hayes Avenue swale 1 after reconstruction.

Total Project Value

Final Costs To Be Determined

Funding Sources

State of Vermont Ecosystems Restoration Grant, SAFETEA Grant, Stormwater Impaired Restoration Fund Grant, Cardinal Woods Homeowner Associations (clusters 1 through 4), Foxcroft Homeowners Association, Kinsington Court Homeowners Association, Foxcroft Single Family Homes Homeowners Association, and the South Burlington Stormwater Utility.

Photo of Hayes Avenue swale 2 after reconstruction.










Last Updated: 9/2013