Farrell Park Constructed Wetland


Farrell Park parking lot (off of Swift Street)


Construction of a gravel stormwater treatment wetland to collect and treat stormwater runoff from the Farrell Park parking area. The gravel parking lot is 0.75 acres and runoff previously flowed untreated into Potash Brook.


The project will reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients (e.g. phosphorus and nitrogen) flowing to Potash Brook.

Gravel wetland
Gravel wetland after initial planting
Design plans
Design plans for wetland


Best Management Practices

Gravel stormwater treatment wetland

Flowers Blooming in the Farrell Park Gravel Wetland



Total Project Value


Funding Sources

Stormwater Utility Funds, EPA Grant

Project Partners

Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District, EcoSolutions LLC

Last Updated: 11/2009