Airport Parkway


Airport Parkway


Airport Parkway Before
Eroded discharge point off of Airport Parkway before the project.

Two stormwater discharge pipes from Airport Parkway and a nearby parking lot had caused severe erosion to the roadway bank.  The erosion and resulting instability threatened to cause the highway to fail; resulting in major and expensive road repairs.


Airport Parkway After
Repaired stormwater outfall on Airport Parkway

To prevent further erosion, a new discharge structure was constructed further down the bank, combining the two discharge pipes, and the discharge area was lined with stone. The damage was then reversed by filling in the eroded area and stabilizing it with grass and erosion control matting.


The repair of this discharge area ensured the stability of Airport Parkway and reduced the environmental impact of the stormwater runoff. In addition to stabilizing the roadway, the project greatly reduced the flow of sediment to a nearby pond, which ultimately leads to the Winooski River.

Best Management Practices

Installed Stone-Lined Swale

Repaired Stormwater Infrastructure

Funding Sources

Stormwater Utility Fund

Vermont Better Back Roads Grant Program


Last Updated: 11/2009