Stream Sign Watershed Awareness Project


Throughout South Burlington.


Many South Burlington residents are unaware of the impaired waterways that the Stormwater Utility is working to protect.


Signs labeling the various stormwater impaired streams in South Burlington have been placed in highly visible locations along major roadways. These signs will draw attention to the streams that are in need of protection, raise awareness, and create a visible example of the Stormwater Utility’s work in the community.


Stormwater impaired streams carry sediment and pollutants to major sources of water such as Lake Champlain and the Winooski River. Stormwater also causes erosion, and flooding which can damage roadways and buildings. These stream signs will raise awareness and support for the Stormwater Utility which is working hard to remedy these problems.



Total Project Value


Funding Sources

Stormwater Utility Fund
Local Community Implementation Fund