Muddy Brook Culvert Replacement

CONSTRUCTION UPDATES: It is anticipated that Kimball / Marshall Avenue will re-open in the late afternoon on Friday 12/3/21. Construction will continue through the month of December 2021. During this time, the road may be reduced to one lane to facilitate work. Motorists should expect delays. The recreation path will not be open at this time. The contractor will return in the spring 2022 to finish all remaining work.
11/5/21 – Headwall under construction. View looking upstream.
10/6/21 – All pre-cast arch pieces have been set in place!
10/5/21 – The first section of pre-cast concrete arch is getting set today.
8/11/21 – The temporary bridge across Muddy Brook has been removed and the stream diversion is in place. The crew will begin driving piles soon.
The new concrete arch culvert is under production. Week of July 26, 2021

Project Description

The purpose of the Muddy Brook Culvert project at Kimball & Marshall Avenue is to: replace the failed culvert and temporary bridge with a permanent crossing structure, provide solutions / treatments that will improve water quality in Muddy Brook, provide safe facilities for all users (including vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists) to cross Muddy Brook, and improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between Williston and South Burlington.

Original 15′ diameter culvert that carried Muddy Brook beneath Kimball / Marshall Avenue.


The existing 15’ diameter corrugated metal pipe culvert was originally constructed in 1986. Due to substantial corrosion the pipe failed in the spring of 2017 causing the closure of Kimball/Marshall Avenue at this crossing until a temporary bridge was installed in August 2017.

Damage to road surface resulting from pipe failure in 2017

During the 2019 “Halloween Storm”, the corrugated metal culvert washed out completely. Damage from the storm required that the temporary bridge be closed. Work was completed to stabilize the area and re-open the bridge, but a permanent stream crossing needs to be installed.

View of damage to Kimball / Marshall Ave culvert after the October 31, 2019 storm.


After the culvert washed out in October 2019 the City worked quickly to obtain emergency funding to stabilize the area so that the temporary bridge could be reopened. The City then accelerated the engineering design schedule and obtained grants to allow for a replacement culvert to be installed as soon as possible.

The current schedule anticipates that construction will begin on Monday August 2, 2021. Kimball and Marshall Avenue will be closed starting on Monday August 2, 2021 and the temporary bridge will be removed. Substantial completion and reopening of the road is anticipated for late November or early December 2021. The contractor will return in the spring of 2022 to finish up various small tasks and complete final paving.

Funding Sources

This project benefited from multiple grant funding sources. Grants received include the following:

  • TA Grant 2019- Awarded $300,000
  • Town Highway Structures Grant FY20- Awarded $157,371.30
  • Federal Highway Emergency Relief Program- Awarded $410,000
  • Transportation Alternatives Program FY20 – Awarded $300,000
  • Town Highway Structures Grant FY22 – Awarded $175,000
  • Town Highway Structures Grant FY22 – Awarded $175,000

Project Information

Scoping Study

Invitation to Bid – Muddy Brook Culvert Replacement Project (723 kb)

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