Market Street Reconstruction


Market Street in the new City Center district of South Burlington.

Project Description

Now complete!  The City received $5.5M in outright and matching Federal grant funds to reconstruct Market Street in the early 2000s. This multi-year project includes improved street with sidewalks, street trees, and street furniture such as pedestrian-oriented decorative lights and seating, and features a shared use path for pedestrians and bicycles for the entire length.  Additional funding for the project was primarily TIF District financing, with some roadway impact fees.

As part or the Market Street reconstruction project, the City constructed two new stormwater ponds to  treat the runoff generated by the redevelopment of impervious surfaces. Previously, untreated runoff discharged directly to Tributary 3 of Potash Brook.


The City incorporated public art, landscaping and a walkway around the larger of the two ponds along Market Street. 

In addition to stormwater ponds, the City also incorporated permeable pavers and Silva Cells into the streetscape design. The Silva Cells act to detain and treat stormwater within the road right-of-way, prior to discharging to the stormwater ponds. 


The City completed the redevelopment of Market Street in 2020. Additional development of the parcels along Market Street and Garden Street will continue to be an ongoing process.  

Last updated 2/11/2021