Advisory Committee

Listed below are the original members of the Stormwater Advisory Committee as it was formed to create to the Utility.

Michael Barsotti – Chittenden Water District
Mary Halley – AMEC
James Fay – Chittenden Water District
Gene Forbes – Hoyle Tanner Associates
Chuck Hafter – City of South Burlington
Bruce Hoar – City of South Burlington
Juli Beth Hinds – City of South Burlington
Scott Johnstone – Stone Environmental
Jeff Nelson – Pioneer Environmental
Daniel O’Rourke – South Burlington City Council
Andrew Reese – AMEC
Mike Schramm – Hoyle Tanner Associates
Eric Farrell – Redstone Commercial Group
Jill Spinelli – Stitzel, Page and Fletcher
Carol Gamsby – Carol Gamsby Property Management
Larry Kupferman – Resident of S. Burlington
Dennis Lutz – Resident of S. Burlington
Robert McEwing – Airport
Patrick O’Brien – O’Brien Brothers Agency
Michael Simoneau – Hickok and Boardman
Peter Smichenko – IDX
Chris Snyder – Snyder Group
Peter Taylor – Resident of S. Burlington
Heather Kendrew – Airport
Krista Reinhart – Pioneer Environmental
Denis Gravelin – City of South Burlington
Jay Nadeau – Chittenden Water District
Vermont Agency of Transportation – Vtrans