May 22nd: The contractor is working on cleaning up piles of material from around the site and preparing for final paving. Final paving will occur on Tuesday May 23rd, followed by final site restoration through the end of the week.  


The City of South Burlington Stormwater Utility received a grant from the Vermont Agency of Transportation to install a stormwater detention basin at the end of Lindenwood Drive. The project includes the design and construction of a stormwater detention basin within a City owned parcel and drainage infrastructure which would allow for the treatment of stormwater runoff form 2.2 acres of impervious surfaces.


Currently, untreated stormwater runoff generated from a 10.5 acre drainage area, including 2.2 acres of impervious surface from Lindenwood Drive and Brewer Parkway, discharges directly to the stormwater impaired Potash Brook at the end of Lindenwood Drive. This project was identified in the Potash Brook Flow Restoration Plan (FRP) and will help reduce peak flows in the stream that cause erosion and impairment of the stream. The project will also remove phosphorus (via the detention basin and a reduction of in-stream erosion), which benefits Lake Champlain.

Funding Sources

This project has received funding support from the Municipal Highway Stormwater Mitigation Program administered by VTrans. The grant is anticipated to pay for 80% of the deign and construction costs. The remaining project costs will be paid using stormwater utility capital project funding.

Project Documents

Final Plans

Project Area

Page last updated: 5/6/2022