Chittenden County Stream Team


The Chittenden County Stream Team (CCST) operates throughout the City of South Burlington and Chittenden County, VT. CCST is also on Facebook.


Rain barrel building workshop in South Burlington hosted by the Chittenden County Stream Team
Rain barrel building workshop in South Burlington hosted by the Chittenden County Stream Team

Engaging the public in water quality efforts can be a difficult task, but it can also be important for the success of municipal stormwater management programs. If residents are actively engaged in efforts to improve water quality it will improve their understanding of these issues ensure greater support for larger municipal stormwater projects. Engaging residents in this way will also encourage them to take ownership of water quality projects.  This ensures that these projects are properly cared for and maintained. Efforts like this can have a direct and positive impact on water quality.


In order to improve citizen engagement in water quality efforts, numerous municipalities in Chittenden worked together to form the Chittenden County Stream Team (CCST). The CCST organizes and implements projects designed to reduce non-point source pollution and reduce the volume of stormwater runoff at the local level. The CCST utilizes social networking tools to form a cadre of concerned citizens and professionals interested in hands-on activities (e.g. stream clean ups, rain barrel building workshops, rain garden maintenance days, etc) to reduce the harmful effects of stormwater.

The CCST is currently run by the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District with management support from the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission. This group is overseen by representatives of the participating towns.


The CCST has effectively organized volunteer efforts for water quality in the Chittenden County Area. A summary of the measurable benefits (e.g. attendance at events, volunteers, etc) associated with this program are included in the MS4 annual report that the City submits to the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Copies of these reports are available on our downloads page.


The Stream Team began as a pilot project in the spring of 2010. Once it was was determined that a regional effort was feasible and efficient the towns joined together to form the CCST. The City of South Burlington has participated in the CCST program since it’s inception.

Total Project Value

The City of South Burlington contributes $1,800 per year to the CCST program

Funding Sources

South Burlington Stormwater Utility Funds